ACORUS gramineous 
 'Japanese Sweet Flag'

Fan-shaped blades which have green and white variegation

ACORUS gramineous 

Bright yellow fan-shaped blades. Great pond plant!
ACORUS pusillus aureus 
 'Miniature Golden Sweet Flag'   

Miniature golden fan-shaped blades.
An excellent pond plant!

CALAMAGROTIS brachytricha
 'Karl Forester'

Deciduous, Narrow foliage. Upright Flowerheads emerge in May and persist into fall through winter. Likes sun to part shade. 5' ht. with Flowerheads.
A showy white form of 'Karl Foerster', has a white stripe down the middle with deep green margins. 4' tall, best in sun or part shade.

CAREX albula  
 'Frosty Curls'

Very finely textured pale green leaves with a 
delicate silver frosting, curling at the tips.

CAREX buchananii 
 'Leatherleaf Sedge'
Evergreen clump of coppery-brown, hairlike foilage which curls at tips. Grows 18 -12" ht.

CAREX dolichostachya 
(Gold Fountains)
 'Kaga Nishiki'

Narrow leaves, green at the center and gold 
at the edges, forming a symmetrical fountainlike 
mound, eventually to 2' ht.
CAREX flagellifera  
 'Orange Sedge'

Bright orange when in full sun, stiff textured  foliage curling at the tips.  Grows in clumps
18 - 24" ht. 

CAREX morrowii 
 'Ice Dance'
Wide green leaves with narrow creamy edges. Forms rhizomatous clumps,12-18" tall.
CAREX morrowii 
 'Silver Sceptre'
Silver and green striped foilage. Shade to partial shade. Prefers well drained soil. Grows to 10-12" ht.

CAREX oshimensis

Bright yellow bands on evergreen arching leaves. Compact rounded clumps. Thrives in good, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.
CAREX testacea
 'Orange New Zealand Sedge'
It bright green leaves turn orange in the sun. Grows 12-18" tall Preforms best in moist, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade.
FESTUCA glauca 'Elijah Blue'
  'Blue Fescue'
Silvery-blue clumps. Holds color throughout the 
Winter. Grows 18" ht. x 18" wd.  
 'All Gold' 
An arching bamboo like look, has nice yellow foliage. up to 2' tall, best with filtered sun.
A slow spreading arching bamboo like mound. Green & Gold variegation, up to 2' tall. Grows best in moist partially shaded area.

During the spring and summer foliage will be a bright yellow-green color. In fall the color is shades of plum and red. One of the few grasses that grows well in shade. 2' tall. 
HELICTOTRICHON sempervirens 
 'Blue Oat Grass'
Perennial grass forms 2 - 3' clumps of intense blue leaves. Tan flower spikes on arching stems from May to July.
IMPERATA cylindrica  
(Japanese Blood Grass)
 'Red Baron'

Intense red-highlighted tips on bright green blades
makes this a knock-out. Sun/Part Shade. 18" ht. x 12" wd.

JUNCUS patens
 'Elk Blue'
A nice blue-grey 18" water grass with small brown flowers in Spring all through Fall.
A compact variety with horizontally bandded blades, grows up to 5' including the spikes, reddish stems in late summer, full sun & drained soil.
 'Morning Lights'
Fine silver variegated foliage with an upright arching habit. Late blooming with reddish flowers in Sept.-Oct. Likes sun and moist well-drained soil.
Reddish, wide leaves becoming more intense as summer passes, topped with white smoke-like blooms in the fall, 3'-4' tall.
 'Yaku Jima'
A very compact Miscanthus grows 3-4' with fine foliage and silvery-tan flowers opening in Aug.-Sept. Like sun and moist well-drained soil.
MOLINA caerulea
This is an attractive clumping grass. Grows up to 18" in bloom with variegated foliage and attractive golden flowering stems. fertile soil in full sun.
PANICUM virgatum
Green leaves have red tints in July & burgandy wine by Sept. panicles in summer are followed by seed heads 4' ht. 2-3' wd. Likes moist soil in full sun 
PANICUM virgatum
 'Prairie Sky'
Steel blue leaves turn yellow in fall, tan in winter. 
Reddish flower pannicles are followed by seed heads. 4' ht. 2-3' wd. 
PENNISETUM alopecuroides
Compact fountain grass grows to only 2-3'. It grows in full sun to light shade in moist soil.
PENNISETUM alopecuroides
 'Little Bunny'
A true miniature fountain grass, only 18" ht. with bronze plumes.  Excellent landscape plant, rock gardens. Full Sun.
PENNISETUM alopecuroides
 'Little  Honey'
A true miniature fountain grass with white striped leaves turning  pink in fall. 12" ht. in bloom.
Pennisetum alopecuroides
'Burgundy Bunny'
A dwarf fountain grass, that has an intense red color in fall. Perfect for small spaces. Best grown in sun-part shade. 12" height
Stipa arundinacea
'New Zealand Wind Grass'
​Gorgeous, green-to-gold grass. 
Grow to about 3' tall
Stipa tenuissima
 'Mexican Feather'
Graceful, fine textured grass with green leaves
and bearded green plumes that turn golden. 
Grows 18-24" ht. 
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South Bay Greenhouses
Stipa gigantea
'Giant Feather Grass
This is a tufted, clumped forming grass. It has brown/ purple flowers that reach about 8’ and bloom in the summer. Full Sun and deer resistant
Eragrostis unioloides
'Chinese Lovegrass'
This grass is dense and mounded with compact foliage. The pinkish red flowers bloom from summer to fall. Does well in full sun. 1-2' height 
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 'Little Kitten'
Dwarf grass with tall pointed narrow leaves. Blooms in late summer with tall creamy white flowers and continues well into early winter. Grows 1-3'
MOLINA caerule
This grass grows 3' wide to 6-7' tall with delicate whispy blooms. Fast grower. Loves full sun to part shade. Turns this beautiful yellow color in fall