AGEOPODIUM podagraria 'Variegatum'
'Snow on the Mountain'     

Green and white variegated leaves; thrives in poor soil, likes shade, is vigorous and drought tolerant.
AJUGA reptans (Bugleweed) 'Chocolate Chip'
2-3" Narrow bronzy foliage. 6-10" deep blue flower spikes. Rapid spreader.


A hardy evergreen. Good for erosion control. spreads to 7' ; grows 6" ht. 
Very hardy groundcover. Evergreen, red berries in Fall, white flowers in Spring. Great erosion control. Low-maintenance. 1' x 3' Spread.

Very vigorous, hardy, evergreen, red berries in Fall, white flowers in Spring, great erosion control, Low-maintenance, 1' x 10' Spread.

 'Coral Beauty'
White 5-petaled flower in late spring; coral-red fruit. Alternate, simple lustrous dark green leaves. 3' x 6' spread.
CEANOTHUS gloriosus
 'Point Reyes'
Evergreen shrub like groundcover, dark green foliage. Grows 12-18" ht. x 12-16' wd. Light blue flowers in Spring. Plant in well-drained soil.

COTULA squalida
 'New Zealand Brass Buttons'
A low growing evergreen groundcover with fern like foliage. Full sun to light shade. Can take foot traffic.  

DIANTHUS x gratiano poitanus
 'Tiny Rubies'

Fragrant, double ruby red flowers bloom Apr.- Jul. Compact plant to 4" ht. Olive-green foliage. Likes average to well drained soil in the sun.
FRAGARIA  chiloensis
 'Native Wild Strawberry'
Great cover for sandy areas.  Evergreen; slope stabilizer. Plant in full sun.  

GAULTHERIA procumbens
This creeping groundcover grows to 6 inches, with glossy, dark green leaves. white flowers appear in summer and mature to scarlet fruit that persists into the following spring.

Evergreen shrub with bright green leaves. Pinkish white bell-like flowers. Edible black fruit. Good as a ground cover in rock gardens. Plant in acidic soil in sun to partial shade.

Great for erosion control and slope stabilization. Dark evergreen leaves turn reddish in the Fall.
HEDERA helix

HEDERA helix 
White and green variegation make this a popular groundcover.  Great lattice climber & in planters.


Striking contrasts of red, green & white variegated leaves.  Grows in shallow water.  Vigorous!.
LAURENTIA fluviatillis 
 'Blue Star Creeper'
A dense mat 2 - 3" ht. of tiny green leaves covered in light blue flowers that bloom Apr. - Sept. 

LYSIMACHIA nummallaria aurea
 'Golden Creeping Jenny'
Brilliant golden trailing foliage brightens up moist shady areas!

MAZUS reptans
Bright green foliage with purple flowers creates a tight mat. Takes foot traffic. Part shade, moist, well drained soil.

MAZUS reptans albus
Same as reptans except with pure white flowers and can be planted in full sun or part shade.
MENTHE requienii
 'Corsican Mint'
Tiny leaves give a minty fragrance when bruised. A favorite for stepping stones. Shade.  Moist soil.

PACHYSANDRA terminalis
 'Japanese Spurge'
Dark green leaves spread by underground runners.  Great covering for a large shady area.  Evergreen.

PRATIA puberola alba
 'Mini White Star'
Low growing, evergreen mat forming groundcover. Tiny white star shaped flowers cover plant from Spring - Fall. Likes Sun to part shade.

RUBUS Calycinoides
 'Creeping Raspberry'
Attractive, evergreen leaves turn reddish in fall and bear edible berries in the summer. 4" ht. x 24" wd.

SAGINA subulata
 'Irish Moss'
Spongy, soft green mat gets dainty white flowers in spring.  Great between stones.
SAGINA subulata aurea
 'Scotch Moss'
Soft cushions of yellow/green get tiny white flowers in spring.  Great in rock gardens.  Full sun part shade.

THYMUS praecox
 'Pink Chintz'
Soft hairy gray / green foliage, baby pink flowers which bloom in late summer.
THYMUS pseudolanuginosus

Woolly, elephant gray foliage bears lavender / pink flowers in late Summer.
THYMUS serpyllum
Small, bright green leaves with white blooms.

THYMUS serpyllum 
Evergreen foliage turns bronzy in Fall with red blooms. 

THYMUS serpyllum 
Low growing mounding ornatemntal herb. Has dark green foliage with pinkish flowers. Grows 3" tall. Well-drained soil in full sun.

VINCA minor

Vinca minor with shiny green leaves and blue flowers.
VINCA minor
 'Sterling Silver'
Variegated deep green and white leaves with blue flowers.

VINCA minor 
Green foliage with white flowers.

VINCA minor 
Green foliage with burgundy flowers.

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Leptinella squalida
'Pratts Black'
Evergreen perennial with black fern like foliage. Grows 3" tall. Plant in moist, well-drained soil 
in partial  sun to partial shade. Can take foot traffic.

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