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South Bay Greenhouses
Stipa gigantea
'Giant Feather Grass
This is a tufted, clumped forming grass. It has brown/ purple flowers that reach about 8’ and bloom in the summer. Full Sun and deer resistant
Eragrostis unioloides
'Chinese Lovegrass'
This grass is dense and mounded with compact foliage. The pinkish red flowers bloom from summer to fall. Does well in full sun. 1-2' height 
Molina caerulea
This grass grows 3' wide to 6-7' tall with delicate whispy blooms. Fast grower. Loves full sun to part shade. Turns this beautiful yellow color in fall
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PENNISETUM alopecuroides
A dwarf fountain grass, that has an intense red color in fall. Perfect for small spaces. Best grown in sun-part shade. 12" height
Ophiopogon japonicus
'Japanese Dwarf Mondo Grass'
Dense dark green dwarf grass that works great as a ground cover. Slow growing, easy care, grows 4-6"